Godinymayin  (Godding-marn)
Yijard  (I-jard)
Arts and Culture Centre

The name of the Centre is derived from a blend of Indigenous and other cultural references.

Godinymayin is the name of a respected Aboriginal elder who once lived on the land on which the Centre is built. He had a particularly close attachment to this land in accordance with local Aboriginal
 culture. Godinymayin’s story was the rock wallaby. These were plentiful in the area during his lifetime but have since died out. The sculpture at the front of the Centre is a representation of a rock wallaby, created in honour of Godinymayin.

The Katherine region is known locally as the ‘Big Rivers’ region. Rivers such as the Katherine, the Roper, the Wilton, the Victoria and the Daly flow through the area. ‘Yijard’ is the word used for ‘big’ in one of the local Aboriginal languages, hence ‘Yijard Rivers’.