Women of the World Festival


The WOW - Women of the World - Festival is a global festival originating at London's Southbank Centre that celebrates the formidable strength and inventiveness of girls and women.

Since its launch in 2011, WOW Festivals have taken place around the world, facilitating discussions about challenges for women in Cardiff (Wales), Alexandria (Egypt), Hargeisa (Somaliland), New York (USA), Karachi (Pakistan), Dhaka (Bangledesh) and elsewhere.

So far WOW Festivals have been held in three locations in Australia; Sydney, Brisbane and Katherine.

For the third time WOW returned to Katherine from 16 – 18 September 2016. WOW Katherine brought together Australian women, in particular the Territory community, to talk about the unique challenges they face. From living remotely, managing loneliness and surviving in our changing environment to how Australian women can have a voice on local, national and international stages.

Over three days, WOW Katherine featured a range of panels, hands on workshops, mentoring sessions and performances. It inspired insight, energy and laughter, building new networks and communities of strong women.



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