WOW 2014 photos

Funky Fashion Parade

The hats

The speakers

Trailblazers: Women of the Forefront: (L-R) Katrina Fong Lim, Isisara Bey, Sally Thomas AM 

WOW bites 1: (L-R) Pop Gordon, Aunty Bea Ballangarry, Mel Sandy, Kirsten Engels, Kavisha Mazzella

Indigenous fashion phenomenon: (L-R) Cath Bowdler, Grace Lillian Lee, Claire Nicholl and representative Babbara Arts 

Zero tolerance: Domestic violence: (L-R) Andy Blaney, Jo Gamble and Mel Sandy 

Outback women - Patoral care: (L-R) Georgia Underwood, Catherine Marriott, Julia Cannon, Toni Tapp-Coutts

You do what?: (L-R) Dani Mattiuzzo Ford, Taylor Fishlock, Peter Gazey

Inspirational women: (L-R) Isisara Bey, Debbie Kilroy, Jude Kelly 

The bottom line: Women in business: (L-R) Rose Cameron, Michelle Iles, Helen Summers, Cathy Hunt 

WOW Bites 2: (L-R) Giovanna Webb, Linda Joy, Clare Pearce,  Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann

Speed mentoring 

The entertainment 

Steffie and Foxxy Empire

Foxxy Empire

Kav & Co 

Miriam Lieberman with Lara Goodridge and Kate Adams

The workshops

Jellyfish weaving workshop with Aly do Groot (R)

Kriol in one hour with Cerise King 
Bush medicine with Banatjarl Strongbala Wumin

Working with wool 

African drumming with Duah and Lyndal  

The stalls 

The food and networking 

The Closing Ceremony 

The people 

(L-R) Jude Kelly, Artistic Director, Southbank Centre and founder WOW - Women of the World, Lisa Mumbin, cultural adviser for WOW and Godinymayin Board member, Isisara Bey, Co-ordinator, WOW Harlem 

Artist Aly de Groot and baby

Mel Sandy and Jude Kelly